Go Get It

Guidelines for the Human Creative

This lecture consists of ideas and material based around the book “Go Get It”. This talk runs through the guidelines one by one and discusses ways individuals can begin implementing each of them into their personal and professional lives, or more preferably, both.

The material and ideas are delivered in a light, but straight forward manner, and allows for audience interaction and conversation on the subject matter to further solidify and drive home the message.

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One-on-one and internal corporate consulting based around strategies within the "Go Get It" eBook are an option. The concepts and guidelines in the eBook are implemented in all of these areas and are adapted to your unique situation. Whether you want to change your interpersonal life or iron out your internal company culture, these consulting services will help to develop a more aligned direction on a personal or professional level.

For more information contact: info@mhooddesign.com

Strategy & Design

If you need more traditional design and strategy work, our brand strategy sessions and design work place your brand on a stronger footing. Whether starting from the ground floor designing an identity, rebuilding or refreshing your brand or anywhere in between, we can build you a solid foundation.