High end woman's salon with chairs and mirrors - bisoux


Bisoux is a high end salon based out of Alexandria, VA catering to higher income 35-50 year old women. The salon is looking to tap into a younger market and attract more clients in the 25-35 age range who take their hair and styling seriously.

High end salon logo with type and brand mark - bisoux


The challenge was to come up with an identity that catered to the primary audience of older women, but also felt fresh enough to appeal to their new target demographic of younger women. Bisoux needed a more dynamic mark along with branding and digital applications that appealed to both target audiences.

Design process showing ideas, drawings, photos and concepts for high end woman's salon - bisoux
Interior of high end woman's salon with purple backdrop - bisoux
Close up of man cutting woman's hair with comb and scissors - bisoux salonExterior of a high end woman's salon with window graphics - bisoux


The website design uses black and white photography and carries the purple hue throughout the CTA's and accents. The websites new booking feature prioritizes user experience by grouping related booking steps together for ease of use and quicker checkout, and provides a personalized feel for the user. The website was designed with a mobile first approach to cater to younger users.

Greyscale wiresframes and UX design with annotations for high end woman's salon - bisoux
UI Mobile UI design checkout process for high end woman's salon - bisouxiMac with high end woman's salon homepage design - bisouxHigh end woman's salon stationery, brand collateral, and packaging - bisoux

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