Mhood (mood) is a creative studio focused on design solutions through strategic approach, understanding, and implementation of brand psychology and concepts. The goal is to promote thought, inspiration and connection through our visual designs and all our mediums of work.

WORK STARTS HERERed hue mhood philosopher statue with level sitting on top of head
The Work
Two men in front of laptops on social media for PurpleWolf Marketing Agency


Social Media Marketing Company

Branding & Digital

Stack of old books on grey woodgrain table for Go Get It book from Mhood Design

Go Get It

Book Design & Copywriting

Branding & Digital

Cute girl in hooded sweatshirt with an architectural background


Fashion Publication

Editorial & Branding

Stainless steel espresso machine dripping into brown espresso cup


Coffee Restaurant

Branding & Digital

High end salon with a variety of styling chairs, mirrors and tvs on the wall


High End Women's Salon

Branding & Digital

Modern glass building with blue neon lights and bright yellow interior lighting

Lab Properties

Cannabis Real Estate Company

Branding & Digital

More Projects For Your Wandering Eyes