People Progress

Mhood Design is a creative thought and mentorship studio designed to promote growth and betterment for human beings. Through visual and life design, philosophy, mentoring, training, written words and materials, the goal is to encourage deep thinking, positive inspiration, strength, and connection through all of our mediums of work.

The Book For Betterment

Short and simple, to the point and insightful. Go Get It walks readers through 10 guidelines to help improve themselves and their position in life with easy to read and implement ideas, tips and philosophies. And, it's on the house, Go Get It.

10 Things I Learned From Getting Myself Together

A few items learned along the path to personal betterment that you can implement into your life

Defeating the Everyday Work Struggle to Pursue Your Passions and Meaning

The 9-5 nonsense which we have all partaken in at some point, what is it, the negative effects, and a few ways to get away from it

Good People: How a Man From Buffalo New York Proves All of Your Excuses are Nonsense

You can learn something from everyone. This is what a man from Buffalo NY can teach you about overcoming adversity and following your dreams, despite any excuses

Materials Made

This section of work is dedicated to visual expression through various goods and materials for living, striving to deliver ideas that inspire, promotion of thought, and at times providing a healthy sense of comic relief.

If You Are Looking to Get Yourself Together, Start Here

Everyone deserves to do a little better. Through individual mentoring and consulting, we help people get on the right track to design their lives and go after what they really want, moving forward with a defined purpose and a mission. Through various philosophical and blue collar life principles, we get you on the course to true betterment, no guru nonsense, just teachings and mentoring that works.