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Cream magazine is a quarterly streetwear magazine and lookbook for women featuring contemporary designers, influencers, and figures in the industry. The magazine provides readers a look into brands upcoming seasonal collections.

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The streetwear scene has drifted in a more corporate direction since large chain stores and investors saw the financial potential in the niche market. The goal of Cream Magazine is to instill a sense of the gritty nature that streetwear originally had in the 90's, but with feminine appeal, bringing back the original essence of what the streetwear lifestyle was.
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Leah McSweeney feature article from Married to the Mob - cream magazineLeah McSweeney feature article main spread from Married to the Mob - cream magazine
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Overlaying typography, and bold photography treatments give the magazine a counter culture feel, while still maintaining a modern and feminine essence. The masthead uses an altered version of Knockout for a bold, in your face look and feel that streetwear initially had. A border treatment of vibrant colors that change on each issue is used to ground the photography and direct the focus to the female feature of the cover.

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