Abstract photo of black steel cubes hanging from ceiling light fixtures for Theorem brand project


The engineering and development firm Theorem was in search of refining their brand image and appeal to new clients. Mhood Design acted as designer and consultant on this project, helping to update standardize the Theorem look brand, and bring a new dynamic to the company look.

Theorem landing page UI design on an iMac

Updated Brand Presence

The goal was standardize and build on some of the pre existing graphic assets and look that Theorem had. We set out to develop a system implementing a vibrant color palette which identified certain sectors of the company and design a modernized technical look through all collateral.
Three iPhone X's with blue and white UI for Theorem brand for Mhood Design
Theorem Thought Leadership Whitepaper Cover DesignsPerson turning page on a Theorem printed white paper
Theorem whitepaper design milestone oneTheorem whitepaper introduction spread

Guideline Refinements

With the new direction and system in mind, we designed a set of internal guidelines that laid out the graphic structure of the company. This helped ensure consistency with the marketing team and amongst the internal designers and freelancers.

Theorem brand logo assets page with orange section divider and logo usage guidelinesBrand messaging page for Theorem brand with fuscia and orange divider page
Typography style and usage page for Theorem brand with green divider pageColor usage page for Theorem brand with use of gradients and bright brand colors
Illustration page for Theorem brand with various colorful illustration stylesTheorem brand collateral showcase with purple divider page
Theorem Instagram post look and designTheorem branded koozies with geometry icons

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