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IdeaPros is the world's first Super Venture Partner. The company helps entrepreneurs materialize their dreams by partnering with them to help with from the concepting of ideas all the way to producing products and marketing.

Typographic ideapros logo with steel grey background

Process &

Ideapros initial identity system only consisted of a logo and simple color palette. To give the brand more depth with visual language, the identity system was enhanced adding new typography and an expanded color palette which enhanced the brands professionalism.
IdeaPros typographic branding systemIdeaPros brand color palette with hex codesIdeapros logo and color usage cases

Defining the

IdeaPros initial site was lacking in typographic structure, which caused the site to lose clarity and key points in delivering information.The new type system and refreshed layout created stronger hierarchy and allows for better absorption of the brands content and message.
IdeaPros Home Page Visual Web Design

Solid Landing

As lead generation was a big marketing component for IdeaPros and reaching new entrepreneurs, a landing page was developed for the company. The copy was carefully crafted to deliver just enough information to inform, but not be overwhelming. Three call to action zones are at various points on the page to help guide user interaction and submissions.
IdeaPros Landing Page Visual Design


The new design helped users absorb more information by eliminating the clutter, providing more effective space between modals, implementing a sound typographic system and paying careful attention to how and where the information was delivered through the new design

Home Page Design

IdeaPros Home Page Design Comparison New and Old

Start Now Design

IdeaPros Start Now Page Design Comparison New and Old

Launchpad Design

IdeaPros LaunchPad Page Design Comparison New and Old

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